An investigative approach is always needed when reviewing financial statements, expense reports and audit findings. Fraud is real and with all the accounting controls put in place, fraud still occurs. Audits are not detecting some types of fraud and millions of dollars are spent yearly for this function. This made me realize that there was so much need for more training on what to look for and ways to avoid it. Accounting controls can be formulated but you must ensure they are being implemented.

This is where compliance controls come in. This is the critical part because you can set as many controls as you like but if you don’t have a plan implemented to ensure that the controls are carried out, it makes no sense. You must have compliance checks put in place to monitor and evaluate the systems set up to detect fraud/losses.

I have worked for the government, businesses and executing agencies in the past and this has helped me come up with accounting strategies and controls to help avoid fraud no matter your industry, organization or size.


Strategy Session

Accounting problems can also be solved with critical thinking and objectivity.