Accounting Manuals And Process Notes

Accounting manuals and process notes gives clear instructions as to the correct way things should be completed. Manuals give clear instructions on the correct way to complete the company  processes and act as a guide for new employees. These documents help you spot when the outlined process/procedure was broken. Manuals may vary in complexity depending on the organization/company and the accounting processes involved. Staff would always have clear instructions as to how each process is to be completed. These documents help guide auditors and other consultants who may be brought in as to the correct processes and procedures. It helps spot when controls broken and proper procedure not followed. When your staff understands the “why”, it help them to be objective and contribute to your company or organization. If your staff understand why a new procedure or accounting control is put in place, then they can provide feedback on the effectiveness. The people handling your tasks and duties daily can provide some of the best insight on your processes.

Manuals and process notes can be completed for every department in a company/organization no matter the size. When I started working for my longest employer, the tasks were transferred without proper manuals and that caused so much need overtime and confusion during the transfer period. There was a big push for all manuals and process notes to be completed by staff on all three teams one year before relocation. Every process had to be documented from start to end and every documents had to be reviewed by the team leaders. The team had no clue operations would be moved to another country months later. That was a strategic move by management to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and processes to the new accounting team and it worked. The first transfer was chaotic and management made sure that did not happen again.

Miranda Spencer-Averhart

Accounting Consultant

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